Screenplay by: Lawrence Konner & Mark Rosenthal
Story by: Christopher Reeve, Lawrence Konner & Mark Rosenthal
Director: Sydney J. Furie
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1st Elder

Played By: David Garth

2nd Elder

Played By: Esmond Knight

Army Chief

Played By: Ted Maynard

Bill Compton

Played By: Dennis Creaghan

Boystown Priest

Played By: Mark Caven

Chief of Staff

Played By: Douglas W. Iles

Chinese Official at Great Wall of China

Played By: Jimmy Fung


Played By: Ron Travis

Cosmonaut Captain

Played By: Boris Isarov

Cosmonaut Space Walker

Played By: Eugene Lipinski

David Warfield

Played By: Sam Wanamaker

Fort Mason Technician

Played By: Keith Edwards

General Romoff

Played By: Stanley Lebor

Harry Howler

Played By: William Hootkins

Husband at Great Wall of China

Played By: Philip Fox

Japanese U.N. Guard

Played By: Eiji Kusuhara

Jean Pierre Dubois

Played By: Jim Broadbent


Played By: Damian McLawhorn

JFK High School Teacher

Played By: Jayne Brook

Superman/ Clark Kent

Other Films: Superman II, Superman III, Superman IV
Played By: Christopher Reeve

Lacy Warfield

Played By: Mariel Hemingway

Lois Lane

Other Films: Superman II, Superman III, Superman IV
Played By: Margot Kidder

Lara (voice)

Played By: Susannah York
Notes: Voice only


Played By: Jon Cryer

Levon Hornsby

Played By: Don Fellows

Lex Luthor

Other Films: Superman II, Superman IV
Played By: Gene Hackman

Tall Marshall

Played By: Bradley Lavelle

2nd Marshall

Played By: Mac McDonald

MBC Newscaster

Played By: Kerry Shale

Museum Tour Guide

Played By: Diana Hunter

Navy Chief

Played By: Raymond Marlowe

Nuclear Man

Played By: Mark Pillow
Notes: Voiced by Gene Hackman


Played By: Nicholas Colicos
Notes: at Metro Sports Club

Pentagon Senator

Played By: Bob Sherman

Russian cosmonaut

Played By: Dorota Zienska

Russian cosmonaut

Played By: Jirí Stanislav

Russian General #1

Played By: Czeslaw Grocholski

Russian General #2

Played By: Steve Plytas

Russian General #3

Played By: John Hollis

Russian General at Red Square

Played By: Yuri Borionko


Played By: Matthew Freeman

Subway Engineer

Played By: Rex Robinson

Swedish U.N. Guard

Played By: Malcolm Bullivant


Played By: John Cagon

?Tourist at Great Wall of China

Played By: Guinevere John

Tourist at Great Wall of China

Played By: Peter Penry-Jones

?Tourist at Great Wall of China

Played By: Witold Scheybal

U.N. Secretary General

Played By: Indira Joshi


Played By: Robert Beatty

Perry White

(Editor Daily Planet)
Other Films: Superman II, Superman III, Superman IV
Played By: Jackie Cooper

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