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"Welcome to the night,

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Librarian, DarkAuthoress here,...
Feb 6th, 2009 at 6:51am
Hey there!  I cannot reply to your last message to me as I haven't posted 5 times or more on the board.  So til then, I'm going to talk w/ you this way.  Or feel free to drop me an e-mail:

I do want to say I agree w/ your comment that the right approach to the fic will make the difference between it being a cool OC or a reviled Mary Sue.  Any advice on just how I should go about that with my character?  I'm new to the Superman universe, and was introduced to it by my hubby.  He's actually related to the late George Reeves, of the TV show about Superman in the 1950's.  So the story and mythos of the Last Son of Krypton is personal. 

With that said, I can say that each and every story on the main site is wonderful, and holds true to the legacy of my great uncle (by marriage).  And my hubby's read a few of the fics here too and loved them as well.  Great job all of you authors!!

Back on topic:  any advice by PM or e-mail til I can PM myself will be great Librarian.  And thank you again for being interested in helping me and giving advice.  Again, if anyone here has tips to share, I'm all ears.  And I'm free to beta and be a sounding board for new fic ideas those of you here have.  Getting back into writing is a great outlet for me, being stuck home almost every day with the two kids (I love them, but a break is nice). 

Speaking of the younger one, my daughter, she's about to bounce her way out of her swing wanting my undivided attention.  So I best tend to her.  Chat with you later Librarian.  Have a great day and night everyone!
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