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Family Reunion - 2/?
Aug 11th, 2008 at 10:07pm
Title: Family Reunion
Author: Mr. Beeto 
Rating: PG-13
Beta: htbthomas and Shado Librarian
Summary: AU Twist on Donner/Singer Movieverse: Tie the three films together into a cohesive whole, and provide a more credible and interesting reason for Superman to have returned to Krypton.

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Author’s Notes:

Yes, boys and girls, it’s true. There is no amnesia kiss in this universe. That wasn’t the only ridiculous thing that Richard Lester put in his version of Superman II, but it has no place in this universe.

Special thanks to htbthomas and Shado Librarian, for their patience in reviewing the raw text.

Chapter 2 – Reliving the Past

Sunday, August 20, 2000 - 5:30PM EDT

It was harder than Clark thought it would be, though logistically he was successful in making the minor adjustments to his behavior to avoid Lois’ suspicions. While in his Clark Kent persona, he consciously made his stature even more slouched and fastidiously avoided the cross-armed Superman stance that had provoked her suspicions in the original reality. The second time round, she hadn’t drawn Clark Kent over Superman’s picture in the paper, or been inspired to throw herself out a thirtieth floor window to prove her theory. He was also satisfied to discover that she hadn’t thought to pack her revolver, loaded with blanks, as she had done the first time around. He recalled his surprise when she had confronted him with it originally, tricking him into admitting he was Superman by discharging the weapon at him. His plan for continuing to keep his identity under wraps had been working so far.

His current problem was an emotional one – being in such close proximity with her, posing as newlyweds, and knowing what he had lost and what he likely could never have. His ever-cheerful golly-gee-whiz fa├žade had been difficult to maintain, and more often that not, he’d just tried to keep his distance, and repeatedly changed the subject of discussion back to the assignment. Lois had picked up on it, and had asked him what was bothering him more than once. Her obvious concern only reinforced his sense of loss, and he’d begged her not to push him on it. I couldn’t possibly tell her about this, he reasoned. She’s blissfully ignorant of what we lost, and free from the pain that I’m enduring. She’s nothing like the inconsolable, broken woman I left sobbing on her balcony after defeating Zod. It’s better this way.

Lois’ voice broke into his ruminations, and he remembered that they were supposed to be having a strategy session on the assignment, though that was not her current train of thought. “Why, with thousands of children falling off something lethal somewhere else in the world, why would Superman appear here - at Niagara Falls - today?” Lois demanded. “Why not the Grand Canyon?”

He’d done a better job of covering for his absence the second time around, gesturing towards the rest rooms and informing her he needed to “wash up” before getting the hot dogs. Thus, his absence was already explained during Superman’s rescue of the boy, and she hadn’t thought to throw herself over the rail to try to out him. However, her insatiable curiosity had her wondering at Superman’s appearance. Fortunately, Clark had time to prepare better answers to her queries that the first time around. He had trouble coming up with a reasonable explanation back then.

“Maybe he was checking up on you,” Clark offered. “You do have a knack for getting into tight spots.”

“Just what is it you’re trying to say, Kent?” Lois demanded defensively.

“N-nothing, Lois,” Clark explained nervously, holding up his hands in a surrender gesture. “Just… Well, he seems to care about you, and probably doesn’t want anything bad to happen. So, maybe he checks up on you… from time to time?”

“Cares about me, does he?” Lois remarked sarcastically. “You’d never know it by the way he ignored me out there.”

“Did you expect him to blow your cover?” Clark probed.

“I—” Lois began before snapping her mouth shut. She opened her mouth again to say something, but though better of it. There was no way she’d admit to Clark that she’d forgotten about the cover, and had outed herself trying to get his attention. She instead chose to glare at her partner.

“Seriously, though, have either of you considered how dangerous a relationship would be?” Clark asked, again changing the subject.

“What the hell are you talking about, Kent?” Lois demanded, crossing her arms to add intensity to her glare.

Clark looked down to avoid making eye contact. “You know… all those tabloid stories,” he began.

“Clark, those are tabloids,” Lois explained irritably. “Those stories are pure fiction with no facts to back them up! Everybody knows that!”

“That’s beside the point,” Clark countered. “You and I and Superman may know they’re all made up, but some people out there consider them the gospel truth, and that includes people with a grudge against Superman. What if one of those hoodlums should target you to get back at him?”

“Clark—” Lois began irritably.

“One of you should really go on record stating that those stories are blatantly false,” Clark insisted. “Maybe even file a lawsuit. God, Lois, if anything should happen –“

“Clark, enough!” Lois insisted. “I’m a big girl. I can take care of myself.”

“But, still—”

“What’s going on with you lately, Clark?” Lois asked, suddenly sympathetic. “You haven’t seemed yourself the last few days, and don’t tell me you’re fine, or say you don’t want to talk about it.”

“There’s nothing to talk about, Lois,” Clark informed her sadly.

“Don’t give me that crap,” Lois demanded. “We’re partners, and whatever is affecting you, is affecting me, too, so spill. What’s the story here?”

Clark turned away, lowering his head into his steepled hands as he considered his possible responses. He couldn’t tell her about the other reality. Finally, he sat down in the chair opposite her and offered, “This strikes too close to home for me.”

“What do you mean,” Lois inquired patiently.

“This,” he repeated, gesturing to the room around him, “Pretending to be a newlywed. I’ve no reason to believe that is something I’ll ever experience. It doesn’t seem to be in the cards for me.”

“Oh, for the love of—” Lois began irritably. “Stand up, Clark.”

“Stand up?”

“Just for fun,” Lois clarified. Once Clark had finally stood up, Lois continued, “Look at yourself. Potentially, this handsome, aggressive, dynamite guy capable of anything he wants to do. You run yourself down.”

“Lois, I know where you’re going with this, and it’s not that simple,” Clark replied sadly. “It’s not just my clothes, or the way I stand. Nobody is ever going to go weak in the knees for Clark Kent the way everyone seems to for Superman. Please, just – just drop it.“

“You’re jealous of him,” Lois announced cheerfully.

“What?” Clark asked incredulously. “Lois, I really don’t have time for this,” he snapped, and he turned and walked to the door. “And we’re not going to get this story finished by analyzing my lack of a love life. Let’s get something to eat, and then plot out how we’re going to get this silly assignment finished so we can get out of here.”


Sunday, August 26, 2000 4:00PM CDT

Clark Kent sat down to an early dinner at his mother’s table, as he had done nearly every Sunday evening, and he made his best effort to be good company. “I hear that your old friend, Pete, is engaged now,” Martha mentioned casually. “To Lana, of all people.”

“Oh?” Clark acknowledged quietly. “I wonder if that’s why he called.”

“Didn’t you call him back?” his mother inquired.

“We’ve been playing phone tag,” Clark clarified. “He’s been pretty busy, with running for Congress and all.”

“Well, I didn’t mean to spoil the surprise,” Martha informed him, embarrassed at the slip. “You’re going to have to act surprised when you talk to him.”

“I will, Ma,” Clark assured her.

“Clark, is everything all right?” Martha inquired compassionately. “You’re a bit quiet tonight, and since last Wednesday, Superman’s been busy like there’s no tomorrow. You’re not making time for yourself.”

His mother’s observation provoked Clark to think back over everything that had happened in the past week. After his outburst with Lois in the hotel room, they had been able to complete their assignment and wrap up the story relatively quickly. It appeared above the fold in Thursday’s Metro section: “Heartbreak Hotel - Honeymoon Resort Fleeces Newlyweds.” It had been an uncomfortable few days, and upon their return from Niagara Wednesday afternoon, he had tried to forget his broken heart by burying himself in his other job. Superman’s activities had gone into overdrive, with everything from rescues, foiled assaults and robberies, a hurricane intervention and he even broken up a drug ring in Los Angeles. It’d also given him a number of tips for his day job.

Perry also noticed his increased activity and immediately sent Lois to the roof on Superman detail. However, he couldn’t bring himself to answer her calls from the roof. She knew him too well, and if she noticed the same sadness in Superman as she called Clark on, it would be troublesome. He wasn’t ready to face her as Superman, and prayed she wouldn’t need rescuing in the near future.

“They needed me, Mom,” Clark said simply.

“I’m sure that they did, but you need to balance that out with a personal life, too,” Martha counseled. “As much as you can do, you can’t be everywhere, do everything, or save everyone. You’ll drive yourself crazy if you try.”

“Mom, it isn’t easy… being me,” Clark told her quietly. “The secrets I have to keep. I’m different than other people.”

“That doesn’t mean you should stop trying,” Martha soothed. “You do have friends, Clark. Friends like Pete, or that boy Jimmy back in Metropolis. What about your writing partner, Lois? She sure seems to like you, from what I can tell.”

Clark’s expression at Lois’ name informed Martha that she’d hit the nail on the head, and she chose not to challenge him on his silence. “Well, they’re planning quite the festival for Labor Day, and I’m sure everyone would be glad to see you here. Pete and Lana should be here, too. I won’t pressure you to come, but I hope you’ll at least think about it.”

Clark nodded his acknowledgement, and dug into his dinner.


Friday, September 1, 2000 9:00AM EDT

Superman sped north across the Eastern seaboard and dropped down into one of the elevator cars in the Daily Planet building moments after it had disgorged its passengers and closed its doors. He had continued to bury himself in work with his other job for the past week, which also provided the tips to have given him his second independent Page One that morning, this time on an Intergang smuggling ring discovered operating out of the docks. His thoughts on the matter were interrupted the moment he stepped off of the elevator. “Hold it right there, Smallville!” Lois bellowed across the bullpen. She intercepted him halfway to his desk.

“M-Morning, Lois,” Clark responded nervously. “Are you looking forward to the Holiday weekend?”

“Don’t give me that crap, Clark,” Lois demanded, flipping the morning’s paper over in front of him. “That’s the second time this week that you’ve scooped me. I thought we were supposed to be partners.”

“Gosh, we are partners, Lois,” Clark insisted. “But with Perry wanting you to get that Superman exclusive, you seemed busy –“

“Oh, don’t you even—” she hissed. “Since Superman is far too busy lately to waste his time talking to me, I’m not going to waste my time waiting for him and let you take all the credit for the real stories. You’re not leaving this office without me! Understand? I don’t care if you forgot to feed your fish… again. I’m coming with you.”

“Um, sure Lois,” Clark assured her meekly as he finally sat down at his desk. “But what about the Superm—”

“Don’t even go there,” Lois warned angrily. “If he wants to talk to me, he knows where to find me. In the meantime, we’ll bust open the next big story, together!”

“Um, actually, Lois, I’m, um, leaving early today,” Clark mumbled. “I’m going home to Smallville for the holiday weekend. My, um, my Mom doesn’t see as much of me as she likes, and I figured that after, um, this week’s work that I could talk Perry into giving me the time off.”

“Fine,” Lois grumbled, teeth clenched. “But you’re giving me everything you’ve got before you go.”

As Lois marched back to her desk, Clark allowed a small smile. I can do this, he thought. She’s a live wire, and an angry, determined, remarkable woman. But it’s easier to be same old Clark in front of an angry Lois that the compassionate Lois. Better not get her too upset, though. I may be Superman, but even I know better than to tempt fate.

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